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2023 5th International Conference on Hydraulic, Civil, and Construction Engineering (HCCE 2023) took place successfully on December 16, 2023, at Central South University's Railway Campus. The event was hosted by Central South University, and co-organized by its School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, in conjunction with the AEIC Academic Exchange Information Center, and supported by Hunan City University.

More than 80 participants from over 20 renowned domestic and international institutions (Central South University, Nanjing University of Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Hohai University, Hunan City University, Wenzhou University, Southwest Jiaotong University, Wuhan University of Technology, Changsha University of Science and Technology, Guizhou University, Army Engineering University, Chang'an University, etc.), along with over 10 enterprise entities and research institutes including the Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute of Changjiang Water Resources Commission and Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute, were in attendance at the academic conference.


The conference commenced with an opening address delivered by Professor Mingfeng Lei, Vice Dean of the School of Civil Engineering at Central South University.

Professors Faxing Ding and Xiang Liu from Central South University, Professor Xin Ren from Nanjing University of Technology, and Associate Professor Jin Liu from Hunan City University delivered insightful presentations on topics including the damage ratio strength theory, vibration in rail transit, applications of mechanical metamaterials in civil transportation, and high-performance ceramsite concrete technology. These presentations showcased cutting-edge research and advanced experiences in the field, fostering in-depth discussions among attending experts. The exchange facilitated the sharing of unique perspectives on industry trends and directions for research and development.

Professor Faxing Ding, Central South University 

Presentation topic: Damage Ratio Strength Theory and Its Applications 

(丁发兴教授 中南大学。报告题目:损伤比强度理论及其应用)

Professor Xiang Liu, Central South University 

Presentation topic: Application of Dynamic Stiffness Method in Full-Frequency Vibroacoustic Analysis in Rail Transit 

(刘项教授 中南大学。报告题目:动刚度法在轨道交通全频域振动声学分析中的应用)

Professor Xin Ren, Nanjing University of Technology 

Presentation topic: Applications of Mechanical Metamaterials in Civil Transportation 

(任鑫教授 南京工业大学。报告题目:力学超材料在土木交通领域的应用)

Associate Professor Jing Liu, Hunan City University

Presentation topic: Research and Application of High-Performance Ceramsite Concrete Technology 

(刘劲副教授 湖南城市学院。报告题目:高性能陶粒混凝土技术研发与应用)

At this conference, several contributing authors from Southeast University, Wenzhou University, Southwest Jiaotong University, and others presented their papers through oral presentations. Alongside the captivating oral sessions, the conference racked up a cumulative reception of 26 academic paper posters, all of which were displayed in the conference manual.


This academic conference, organized by Central South University, stands as a significant scholarly event aimed at fostering academic exchanges and collaborations within the field of civil engineering both domestically and internationally. As a renowned institution in the realm of civil engineering, Central South University has been committed to driving disciplinary innovation, nurturing high-caliber talents, and closely intertwining technological advancements with societal progress and development.

2023年12月16日,由中南大学主办,中南大学土木工程学院、AEIC学术交流中心联合承办的第五届水利与土木建筑工程国际学术会议(HCCE 2023)在中南大学铁道校区成功召开。