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HCCE 2021 is one of the thematic sessions of 2021 3rd International Academic Exchange Conference on Science and Technology Innovation.

2021 Website: hcce2021.iaecst.org

Hosts: IEEE PES Smart Building, Loads, and Customer Systems Committee (China), South China University of Technology


IEEE PES SCLC Seminar on Sub-committee of Building Electricity and Intelligence

Zhongguan Village Lejia Smart Residential Industrial Technology Alliance

Special Committee of Sustainable Cities of China Research Society of Urban Development

National Standardization Working Group of Engineering Structure Monitoring

AEIC Academinc Exchange Information Center

Prof. Yang Yang, School of Civil Engineering, Chongqing University

Speech Title: Construction and Thinking of National Standard System for Engineering Structure Monitoring

阳  洋 重庆大学教授、博士生导师、工程结构监测国家标准工作组组长


Prof. Nan Hu, School of Civil Engineering & Transportation, South China University of Technology

Speech Title: Harnessing architected materials toward resilient and adaptive structures

胡  楠 华南理工大学教授


Prof. Faxing Ding, School of Civil Engineering, Central South University

Speech Title: Damage ratio strength theory for concrete and isotropic rock

丁发兴 中南大学教授 


Prof. Ping Xiang, School of Civil Engineering, Central South University

Speech Title: Analysis of the safety of high-speed trains travelling on bridges under earthquakes

向  平 中南大学教授


Prof. Xianwei Wang, School of Geography and Planning, Sun Yat-Sen University

Speech Title: Levee 3D Visualization and Performance Assessment using Airborne Lidar in the Pearl River Delta, South China

王先伟 中山大学教授


Xiaobo Fan, General Manager of Shenzhen Sinexcel Electric Co., Ltd.

Speech Title: Energy storage technology helps double carbon targets

范小波 深圳市盛弘储能微网科技有限公司总经理


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